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4/14 Window Global Summit II

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September 2 - 5, 2010, New York

2nd 4-14 Window Global Summit is being prepared to take place September 2 - 5, 2010 in New York City with the option of staying on for a city tour on Monday morning September 6th. If you are accepted as a participant at the 2nd Summit, you won't be just an attendee.  You will have a hands-on role, helping to shape a global missions agenda. You will meet fascinating, like-minded people in an unforgettable context. It will truly be an iron-sharpening-iron experience.

This is invitation-only conference.



September 2 - 5, 2010


4-14 Window Global Summit II


Esther 4:14 - Who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?

Brief Description:

The 4-14 Window Global Summit II intends to bring together some 500 Christian leaders from 100 nations who are called to mobilize the global body of Christ to reach, equip and empower the 4-14 Generation to transform their communities and nations. The 4-14 Window Global Summit is a planning summit based on the regional, national and global track thrusts. The track engagements and the regional meetings will focus on both developing a 12 months action plan to mobilize the church and on calling each participant for a greater commitment to catalyze the 4-14 Window Movement globally.


Promise Church
130-30 31st Ave
Flushing, NY 11354


Doubletree Hotel
2117 Route 4 East
Fort Lee, NJ  07024

Hotel Cost:

95USD per night, per person + tax
(or 47.50USD with double occupancy)


Hotel: First 300 international registrations will get hotel scholarship from the host committee of 4-14 Window Initiative. Note: If you or your organization can secure other resources to pay the accommodation, please do so, that others who are really in need may received the hotel scholarship.
Meal: The host committee of 4-14 Window Initiative will provide meals during the conference.

City Tour:

September 6, 2010 (optional)



  • International Steering Committee: Menchit Wong, Wendy Strachan, Patrick McDonald, Katherine Barnhart, David Ramirez, Ricardo Luna, Alex Philip, Rick Seaward, Shiferaw Michael, Aiah Foday-Khabenje, Bambang Budijanto(Chairman)
  • International 4-14 Window Servant Catalyst: Luis Bush
  • Host Committee: Promise Church, New York and pastor Nam Soo Kim



  1. Challenge the participants to consider the missiological significance of the 4-14 Window Movement.
  2. Engage participants in strategic planning through Regional Forums, National Teams and Global Tracks, to produce the 12-month action plan and validate the long-term goals.
  3. Equip participants to be effective 4-14 Window catalysts in raising up the 4-14 Window generation to become impactful agents of transformation in their respective family, church, community and nation.
  4. Expose participants to a wide range of resources and links to help move forward the 4-14 Window Movement in their respective spheres of influence.
  5. Encourage participants to listen to God and discern the season of the kingdom (Esther 4:14)
  6. Promote Collaboration as participants listen and learn from one another through the sharing of best practices - the wonderful things the Lord has done in different of the world.
  7. Celebrate the presence of God in the Summit and throughout the year since we launched the 4-14 Window Movement in September 2009.


Program Design and Activities

To Accomplish the above objectives participants will engage in:

  1. In-depth biblical reflections on the missiological significance of children and youth in the new Kingdom landscape.
  2. A time for group and personal reflection on understanding the new "season" of the Kingdom.(Esther 4:14)
  3. Track planning sessions to review and discuss how to implement 12-month action plans.
  4. Inspirational worship and celebration
  5. Workshops on a wide range of available and potential resources, links and support for the movement.
  6. Regional and national planning meetings.
  7. Cross-pollinated discussions between National Teams with Track and Task Force Leaders.
  8. Table Displays from Tracks and Task Forces (upon request) to enhance the interaction process.


Track Information: (Please choose one during online application)

  1. Children Spirituality Track
    seeks to mobilize and equip children workers at the grass-root level to effectively engage in holistic disciple making process with the 4-14ners and to multiply themselves as such, to create a significant movement among the children workers in many nations.
  2. Education Track
    seeks to mobilize Christian schools and educators in promoting the use of Biblical world view curriculum (grade K-9) in their scope of influence.
  3. Health Track
    seeks to promote holistic understanding of mission and ministry to build a solid basis of motivation within the Church for ministry to physical well being of children and youth.
  4. Parent and Family Transformation Track
    seeks to catalyze homes, churches and ministries to inspire and equip parents so that they will train, equip and send out 4/14ers to transform the world.
  5. Pastors Track
    Engaging pastors and mobilizing local churches worldwide to invest significantly in reaching, equipping, and empowering the 4-14 generation to transform their communities and nation.
  6. Poverty Transformation Track
    seeks to mobilize the church to become agents of transformation committed to end extreme poverty in their context and release 4/14ers from poverty and engage them in Transformational Development in addressing issues of Justice in their community and nation.
  7. Children in Transformational Ministry Track (Children Only)
    is for 12 to 17 year olds who will be given opportunity to speak for their own generation and formulate proposals, plans and strategies towards mobilizing children as agents of transformation both within the Body of Christ and within their social environment. The participants will be selected and invited to represent their nation following a nomination process.
  8. Academic and Theological Track(ATT)
    consists of leaders representing Seminaries, Bible Colleges and other Christian Academic Institutions working to create a global movement of academic programs in Holistic Child Development (HCD) that will equip the future church to value the 4/14 Window generation and empower them to transform their world.
  9. Literature Based Transformation Track
    seeks to mobilize Christian publishing and literature ministry leaders to provide and empower the 4/14 generation with the most transformational and engaging Scripture-based literature possible—preparing and equipping this generation with strategic tools as they become agents of transformation in their communities and the world.
  10. Government Track
    seeks to influence current government and political leaders to develop policies that protect children as well as inspiring and equipping the 4-14 generation to become future statesmen and social reformers that have a strong worldview of Biblical justice and governance.
  11. Children and Youth Leadership Development(CYLD) Track
    seek to mobilize church and para-church organizations to seriously invest, engage and give enough space for the 4/14ers to grow and become good and godly leaders by providing effective mentorship and creating a community of leaders around them.
  12. Generation Y Track
    consist of youth ages 16 to 28 years old who are passionate to and working collaboratively for the discipleship and the mobilization of their generation to transform communities and nations.
  13. Local Church Children Ministries Track
    seeks to promote the creation of a 4-14 Window national network, alliance or association of Sunday school teachers and youth pastors to enable them to share resources, work in collaboration and share learning to ensure increased kingdom impact.


Task Forces / Workshop: (You must select two task forces)

  1. Justice and Governmental Affairs
    seeks to provide ideas and resources to the tracks (and body of Christ at large) for equipping the next generation in a biblical understanding of justice, government, and law and thus enabling Christian liberty to be realized by all people in every sphere of life, especially in civil affairs.
  2. Media and Technology
    seeks to establish a network of Media and Technology youth missionaries, share children's media resources and opportunities with the larger Body of Christ, and enable, engage, and empower youth to use media to share God-Stories with each other as catalysts for transformation.
  3. Outcomes-Based Transformation
    An open forum discussion considering the indicators of change common to programs in various countries with an emphasis on developing instruments to measure the changes that occur when children encounter Jesus.
  4. Seven Spheres Transformation
    Come, get some tools to help children to grasp the 7 Spheres-Mountains, inspiring and equipping them to become agents of social and cultural transformation by applying Kingdom solutions to the problems of their community.
  5. Partnership Journey
    introduces principles and explores practices for effective partnership of churches and Christian organizations in authentic and lasting Kingdom collaboration that reaches, empowers and equips the 4/14-generation to transform communities and nations.
  6. Child Theology
    will introduce Child Theology, exploring central themes and processes of theology (historical, biblical and systematic) in the light of the child called and placed by Jesus in the midst of the disciples.
  7. Children Prayer Movement
    responds to the call for the church to recognize the significant global movement of the Holy Spirit among children through the children and youth prayer movements
  8. Moms in Touch Changing the Worldwide Through Prayer (Sat. Sept 4 only)
    Come and Learn a simple format of prayer that will impact children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.